HANKOOK K125 VentusPrime3

HANKOOK K125 VentusPrime3
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71 dB
Size: 195/50R15
Season: Summer tyres
Model: K125 VentusPrime3

The perfect balance between performance and safety

Summer Tyre boasting enhanced features, meeting the demands of ever improving passenger car performance.
Tire Structure:
High grip silica compound
Improved dry / wet traction and lower rolling resistance.
Jointless full cover reinforcement belt
Ideal tread strength.
Wide steel belt layer
Better dry and wet handling.
Equilibrium rayon carcass line
Enhance sidewall stiffness and durability.
High stiffness bead filler
Better handling and steering response.
Strong single beach bead wire
Improved uniformity and tire fitting.
Vehicle type: Passenger car
Load index: 82
Speed index: H
LI/SI: 82H


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