Terms of Purchase


1. Validity of purchase conditions

1.1 The terms and conditions of purchase apply between the seller, Kummibox OÜ (registry code 10736498, address Teguri 37a, Tartu 50107, Estonia, phone: +372 730 4314, e-mail:, hereinafter the Seller), and the buyer (hereinafter the Customer) while purchasing products on web page (hereinafter Shop) for legal relations arising from the purchase of products.

1.2 In addition to the Terms of Purchase, the legal relationships arising from the purchase of products through the Shop are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

1.3 The Seller reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Purchase. Changes to the terms of purchase shall take effect as of the publication of the respective change in the Shop.


2. Price information

2.1. The prices of products sold in the Shop are in euros and include 20% VAT.

2.2. Purchased products will be accompanied by a shipping charge, which will be calculated in the Customer's shopping cart after selecting the shipping method. 

2.3. The Seller reserves the right to make changes in the selling prices. Changes made are reflected in the Shop.


3. Shopping cart and ordering

3.1. Add the desired product to the cart by clicking on the "Add to cart" message next to the product. The products in the shopping cart can be seen by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the Shop.

3.2. Fill in all the required fields to place your order and select the appropriate shipping method for your products. If you would like to pick up the product yourself, please indicate which dealership you would like to collect the goods from.

3.3. Click "Order Overview" in the shopping cart to pay. Then, indicate that you are aware of our terms of purchase and privacy, click "Confirm your order", and select the appropriate payment method.

3.4. Be careful when entering your details, as the prompt and smooth delivery of the products you have purchased depends on the accuracy and correctness of the information you provide. The Seller shall not be liable for non-fulfillment of the order or other consequences resulting from incorrect data provided by the Customer.

3.5. The contract of sale shall be deemed concluded and the order shall be executed once the order has been placed and the invoiced amount has been received in the Seller's bank account.

3.6. After the order has been confirmed, the invoice will be sent to the Client's email address with the information of the order and other necessary details. If you have not received the invoice on your email adress, check your spam folder just in case. If you still cannot find the invoice, please contact the Seller by phone or email.


4. Methods of payment

4.1. The goods can be paid for by transfer to the Seller's bank account (Swedbank: EE122200221016340067). You will be billed immediately after your purchase.

4.2. The goods will be shipped after the payment is received on the Seller's bank account.

4.3. If you have chosen to pick up the goods at the dealership (Tartu Teguri 37a; Tartu Kreutzwaldi 56d; Valga Kelli 7), you have the opportunity to pay for the goods in cash or by card. If you have selected pick-up the goods yourself as a delivery method and on-site payment as your payment method, your goods will be stored for up to 14 calendar days. If you do not pick up the item within this time, the order will be canceled.


5. Sales contract takes effect

5.1. The Sales Contract shall take effect after the payment made by the Customer has reached the Seller's bank account.

5.2. By the contract for the sale of goods, the Seller undertakes to hand over to the Customer the existing goods, manufactured  goods or goods that are acquired in the future by the Shop and to make possible the transfer of ownership of these goods to the Customer. However, the Customer undertakes to pay the Seller the amount indicated on the invoice and to accept the goods.


6. Right of withdrawal

6.1. After receiving the order, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded in the Shop within 14 days.

6.2. To return the goods, you must submit a withdrawal application to within 14 days after receipt of the goods.
6.3. The customer must return the goods within 14 days of submitting the withrawal application or provide proof that he has handed over the goods to the logistics company within this period.
6.4. Upon receipt of the application for withdrawal and receipt of the goods, the Seller shall promptly, but not later than within 14 days, reimburse any fees received from the Customer under the contract, except for the transportation costs of the goods.

6.5. The returned goods must be complete, in its original packaging and unused.

6.6. If, after returning the goods, it appears that the goods do not meet the conditions set out in Clause 6.5 of the Shops Terms of Purchase, the refund will not be refunded and the returned goods will remain with the Seller.

6.7. Goods purchased from the Seller and used by the Customer and tires mounted on the rim shall not be returned.

6.8. Costs related to the return of the goods (eg postage) shall be compensated by the Customer.


7. Return of non-conforming products

7.1. The goods sold by the Seller are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Refurbished tires have a warranty of 2 years, used tires have 2 weeks.

7.2. Upon discovering the non-conformity of the goods, the Customer shall send a product return application, which shall indicate the defects of the product and forward them to the Seller's email address

7.3. When determining the non-conformity of the goods, the amount paid for the goods (including the transportation cost) shall be credited to the bank account indicated in the customer's return application no later than 30 days after the receipt of the goods by the Seller. The Seller may waive the right to return the goods.

7.4. If the Customer does not agree with the solution proposed by the Seller and finds that his/her rights or interests have been violated, the Customer may submit a complaint to the Consumer Complaints Board through the Consumer Protection Board or to the court. The Consumer Protection Board data is available on the website of the Consumer Protection Board, in order to solve problems in the Member States of the European Union, contact the European Union Consumer Center.


8. Seller's right of withdrawal

8.1. The Seller has the right to withdraw from the order if:

8.1.1. The Customer does not pay the invoice on time;

8.1.2. The customer does not arrive on time to collect the goods;

8.1.3. the ordered goods are out of stock.


9. Liability and Force Majeure

9.1. The Seller shall be liable to the Customer and the Customer shall be liable to the Seller for the harm caused to the other party by violation of these terms and conditions in the cases and to the extent provided by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

9.2. The Seller shall not be liable for any harm caused to the Customer or the delay in the delivery of the goods if the harm or delay in the delivery of the goods is due to a circumstance beyond the Seller's control.

9.3. The Seller shall not be liable for the costs related to the provision and maintenance of the software data communication systems of the devices that the Customer uses to access the Store services, as well as other expenses incurred in using the Store service.


10. Other Terms

10.1. Issues not resolved in these Terms of Purchase shall be governed by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia.

10.2. It is mandatory for the Customer to read the terms of purchase.

10.3. By placing a check mark in the appropriate window "Please confirm that you agree with the Terms of Purchase", the Customer confirms that he/she has read, understood and accepted the Terms of Purchase.


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