Transmission Fluid Replacement


The purpose of the gearbox is to direct the energy generated by the engine to the power take-off or drive shafts.


The automatic transmission as a mechanical transmission system consists of shafts, gears, fins, oil pump and synchronizers. The automatic transmission has the entire system in one airtight chamber and the process takes place inside the oil: gear shifting, lamella grip, etc. Oil contamination and dirt formation are the inevitable consequence of wear. To prevent gearbox malfunction, gearbox maintenance must be performed.


How to get an effective service?

We use the Spin ATF 400 device for automatic gearbox maintenance and oil change. This is a fully automatic and computer-equipped unit that can fully recycle old oil, purge the gearbox and completely recycle with new oil, with automatic inlet and outlet compensation.


Our service consists of three steps:

  • complete removal of old oil (from piping, turbine, chamber, valves);
  • flushing the gearbox (removing accumulated dirt from the system);
  • replacing the gearbox filter (including the bottom cover gasket if available) and refilling the system with new oil.

The cost of the service depends on four factors:

  • gearbox oil capacity (capacity about 7-13 liters);
  • gearbox wash capacity (capacity about 3-6 liters);
  • gearbox oil filter and gasket price range (depends on the brand of the gearbox as well as the brand of the spare part);
  • volume of service (the implementation of three stages takes on average 2 or 3 hours).

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We use Valvoline special oils. More info: Only specialty oils specified by the car manufacturer may be used, depending on the gearbox mark. Transmission oils are priced in different price ranges. Be sure not to use the universal oil - known as Dextron II. We recommend that you consult with a specialist when selecting an oil as it is very easy to make the wrong choice.


Oil filter and gasket

The oil filter collects the wear of the metal of the gearbox that has accumulated over time. For this reason, it is important to replace the filter and the gasket with oil change. For more information, contact our specialist CarBox Car Services or e-mail


Oil change time

The time it takes to change the oil varies, as modern vehicles have different gearbox brands as well as their positions. Accessibility with the device also depends on the placement. Also, with a larger gearbox, washing takes longer than with a smaller gearbox. Generally it takes 2 to 3 hours to complete the work.


If you differentiate in your vehicle:

  • fluctuation of RPM during smooth driving;
  • when starting moving from a standstill the RPM is high but the gearbox does not adjust
  • while driving smoothly the gearbox tends to change gears at high RPM;
  • you feel a yank when shifting or accelerating;
  • you feel weird vibration

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