Car Diagnostics


Car diagnostics means examining the technical condition of a car to repair and prevent malfunctions.


The car's dashboard is full of various lights, which are used to signal malfunctions, but they do not always give a complete overview of the causes of the malfunctions. To track down the problem, we connect the car to a computer, display all car information, view and interpret the error codes in the program, and quickly locate the source of the malfunction.


When to have auto diagnostics done?

  • some warning lights are illuminated on the dashboard;
  • the engine has no power;
  • fuel consumption has increased.

Diagnostics can detect faults that you would not otherwise find.


Contact a service center immediately to determine the cause of the instrument panel failure. Diagnosis is quick and relatively inexpensive. If you ignore the error message, one outstanding error may affect other accessories needed for the car to operate. The devices of modern cars are controlled by several different electronic control units and sensors. Because of the plethora of electrical circuits, special auto diagnostic devices have been designed to help identify a problem more quickly, making it easier to track down the problem.


Bring your car to us and we'll quickly track down the problem together!


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