Wheel and Frame Alignment


Wheel and Frame Alignment means aligning the wheels of a car parallel to the wheel of the same axle and perpendicular to the ground.


The main reason why the wheels of the car lose their original position and the angle of inclination is driving on uneven roads. The chassis of a car is the main softener for bumps caused by holes and road unevenness and therefore the most heavily loaded part of the car on a daily basis. Since the chassis is made up of several moving parts, the chassis details can be misaligned and the wheels of the car are no longer straight when subjected to a major impact. It is therefore advisable to have your vehicle undergo an axle inspection once a year. Once the chassis has been repaired, the axles should also be inspected to make sure that nothing has moved.


When to have the axles adjusted?

  • the car sneaks left or right when driving;
  • the steering wheel is visually crooked when driving directly;
  • tires have one side more worn than the other;
  • the chassis has been repaired.

Correctly adjusted axles ensure better handling on the road and extend the life of tires and axle components.


When driving on unregulated axles, the tire does not wear out evenly, only one side gets the full load, so you need to change tires faster. It also increases the fuel consumption of the car and reduces the life of the chassis. By regularly checking the bridges of your car and adjusting it, you can save hundreds of euros.


Kummibox OÜ uses professional and high quality equipment for axle adjustment in its services. The equipment is handled by trained and experienced regulators. At Teguri 37a in Tartu, we have been adjusting axles with the John-Bean Visualiner 3D Arago since 2011. As of 2017, we are also offering this service at the Kreutzwald 56d service. At Kelli 7 in Valga we have been adjusting axles with Gorghi Exact Black Tech 3D since 2008.




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