Chassis and Suspension Repairs


What is a car chassis? The chassis of a car is that part of the car that comes in contact with the ground - wheels, suspension, and front and rear axles.


Everything that moves, it wears. The chassis is one of the most heavily loaded parts of the car every day. Due to its mobile nature, non-standard forces and high load, the chassis is also more susceptible to various faults. Faults in the chassis can also cause malfunctions in other automotive systems, such as the engine and transmission system.


When to have the chassis checked?

  • the car's handling is impaired;
  • braking distance has increased;
  • unusual sounds - noise, trembling;
  • the steering wheel vibrates;
  • tires are irregularly worn.

The comfort and safety of each vehicle greatly depends on the good condition of the chassis.


It is recommended that the chassis be checked every time the cars oil is changed. This ensures long-term operation of the vehicle. If there is one component in the car's chassis that needs replacement but is not replaced, this worn part will affect the performance of the other parts of the chassis. This in turn reduces the life of the running gear. When replacing worn parts found during the inspection, it is also advisable to replace the same on the other side of the car chassis. Chances are that the component from the other side will need to be replaced after some time, which again requires a new service visit and cost.


Together we make sure your car is safe!

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