Rim Restoring and Painting


We will restore, straighten and repaint your tin and alloy wheels.


Beautiful alloy wheels significantly improve the look of every car. Modern wheels are made of a material that does not break but is deformable after damage. Driving with damaged and deformed wheels is a risk to your own safety as well as to the life of your car's chassis. Fortunately, you do not have to buy new wheels as soon as you notice any damage, but there is also a more affordable solution. Bring your damaged sheet metal and alloy wheels to our Tartu Kreutzwald 56d dealership and we will make them straight and beautiful again.


The device we are working with is the Balansmatic JBC1022:



Rim straightening

We straighten both tin and alloy wheels.

 1) Tin wheels 10 EUR pc, (includes VAT)
 2) Alloy wheels                                                                 35 EUR pc, (includes VAT)


Wheel painting

We give your used alloy wheels a new life. Old wheel in new skin.

 1)  Powder Coating RAL Color Catalog Rims 4pcs starting at  230 EUR (includes VAT)




Steps for Rim Restoration:

  • shot blasting - we remove old paint and rust;
  • heating - we heat the rims to 200 degrees to exclude subsequent pore bites;
  • 1. "primer coat" means a primer followed by post-grinding (possible pores and unevenness of the sanding);
  • 2. "coat of paint" means a primary color, the color of which is at the request of the contracting authority;
  • 3rd layer - weather and UV resistant glossy varnish.

Working time starts from 5 working days. Depending on the workload or period, the time may be longer.

For more information visit our Tartu Kreutzwald 56d dealership or call 5666 6141.


We perform the work of straightening the wheels as separate work, the restoration of the wheels (cleaning of the wheels, painting of the wheels) as a complete work, no separate service for the parts of the set.


The RAL color catalog can be found  here.


Don't wait anymore, get your old wheels fixed!

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