Air Conditioner Maintenance


Every system needs regular maintenance, as does the air conditioning system.


The car air conditioner operates in harsh conditions compared to a home air conditioner. Rapid temperature changes and engine vibration can cause leaks in the climate system. Temperatures in the Estonian climate are often low and on most cars the air conditioning system switch itselves off at zero degrees. When the air compressor is off for a long time, the system will no longer circulate gas and oil, which is required to maintain the system seals. It is therefore reasonable to have the climate system checked every one or two years.


How to recognize a damaged climate system?

  • the air conditioning does not blow cold air into the car,
  • the air conditioning cannot remove moisture from the inside of the windows,
  • unpleasant or foreign smell from the ventilation openings.

When servicing the air conditioner, we first make sure that the air conditioning system does not leak, we repair any leaks and carry out a thorough system inspection. The climate system needs a certain amount of pressure to function, so it is important that all pipes, sensors and hoses are undamaged. When refilling the air conditioner, we add a refrigerant and check the operation of the air conditioner.


If you notice one of these concerns with your car or suspect a malfunction in the air conditioning system then contact us.

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